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I’d been slim and had a flat stomach until my late 20s. But through a combination of a stressful job, eating convenience food, and age, I found myself with a gut for the first time in my life by my early 30’s. I had no idea that on my vacation to Florida to visit my mom, that I would be introduced to a process that would quickly and dramatically get not only my flat midsection back, but gave me the kind of bursting energy that I hadn’t felt since I was in my teens.

I don’t’ know why I mentioned my gut problem to my mom–maybe it was because she had learned about healthy eating and juicing when we were kids and eliminated sodas and processed foods from our meals. I guessed she might understand my situation. So towards the beginning of my visit, I groused about my frustration in having a gut for the first time in my life. Since I had it for almost five years, I told her, I was afraid it was something that I may be stuck with the rest of my life and would just get bigger with age. My mom surprised me by telling me that if you’re in poor physical shape that you can quickly cleanse your way back to health.  This all happened in the early 1990s. At that time I had heard of cleansing here and there,  but it hadn’t really yet taken off in popularity so I just didn’t really pay much attention to it.  

But Mom had proven to us growing up the benefits a healthy diet offered. Mom had grown up a farm girl who, as young as age seven, was out in the fields of Upstate New York with her family planting onion sets in the cold spring. Although she ate a lot of farm-fresh vegetables, most were starching root vegetables like potatoes and she ate a lot of pork from the pigs they grew on the farm. It was good quality but pork nonetheless. By the time Mom was 40, she had developed arthritis from the years spent on her hands and knees fields in the dank and cold farm fields and bad chronically poor detestation from her mostly meat and potatoes diet. But after being introduced by a nutritionist to better eating and juicing, she became healthy and always stayed slim and fit. So when Mom suggested a cleanse for me, I took her advice.

This first cleanse was a juice only. That is fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Also, I took a  good quality intestinal cleanser. I started this cleanse and eliminated for 3 days all the food that I had eaten up to the start of my cleanse. Since solid food takes up to 72 hours (3 days) to digest and is eliminated, the third day should have been my last bowel movement for the week as I wasn’t eating anything solid.

But to my surprise, on the fourth day, I had another bowel movement. It hit me that this had to be the result of the cleans working.  I was surprised but even more surprise when I saw that immediately afterward.  I noticed that immediately after that fourth day’s bowel movement that the small gut that I had developed before the cleanse was completely gone! Just like that.

I also noticed that my elimination was not at all like a normal bowel movement–it was formed in the shape of my intestine as if I had eliminated a plaster cast of the inside of my colon. It dawned at me at that moment that anything solid I had eaten since immediately before the beginning of my cleanse had. So what I was now eliminating WAS WASTED THAT HAD BEEN IN BY INTESTINES MOST LIKELY FOR YEARS THAT TOOK THE SHAPE OF MY INTESTINES AND SOLIDIFY. This waste appeared to me like clay or rubber. What happened on days 5 and 6 was amazing. Even though I wasn’t eating solid food, I felt more energy going through my body than at any time since I was 18! I exercised, did chores around the home, and as a favor to Mom, even happily hauled what may have been about 2 tons of broken concrete blocks from a demolished wall in my mom’s back yard out to the curb for pickup. I felt so much natural energy! At times, though, I felt slightly feverish and needed to lie down for a while.

My mom explained to me that I felt the energy due to the release of toxic waste in my intestines through elimination. While most of the toxic waste was eliminated through bowel movements, a small amount that was freed up caused my fevers. She assured me that my body’s immune system would take care of the slight fevers and I would be just fine. As my bowel movements began to slow down on days 4 and 5 and trail off entirely by days 6 and 7, I found this to be true. At the beginning of my cleanse, I was concerned that by not eating any solid food, that I would become so hungry and tired that I wouldn’t be able to finish my cleanse. But as I eliminated the toxic waste that had been in my body for years, my energy increased to the point where the fruit and vegetable juices that I was drinking were more than enough to

keep me going and I went the 7 days with ease. My energy level was so high I even asked Mom a question that now seems silly, “Do I have to go back to eating food again?”  I felt so amazing, energized, and had lost my gut. I didn’t want to go back! She replied, “well, yes, you do have to eat.” This first cleansing experience was something that I would always remember. It showed me that even if you had years of waste in your bowels, had a gut, and all the maladies that came with it, that it was possible to cleanse and reset your body to be healthy, younger, and energized.

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