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Cleansing Habits

Cleansing Will Lower Triglycerides and Cholesterol


What motivated me most to take better and more consistent care of my body wasn’t the thought of looking good in my clothes and that younger feeling that came after each of my cleanses.  No. Even though I lived in Los Angeles where being healthy and looking good is practices almost religiously by many, it was actually my doctor’s repeated warnings to me that if I didn’t lower my triglycerides and bad cholesterol, that he would “have to put me on heart medication. He informed me that the low-density lipoprotein or “LDL” cholesterol that can build up in your arteries and potentially cause a heart attack or stroke! My doctor then said that the only way to avoid this was to make significant improvements to my diet and exercise daily.

All I could think of when hearing this was the possibility of taking heart medication. Noooo, I thought! I knew that I could sometimes go off the wagon and not eat as healthy as I could and I knew that I exercised only off and on. But in my mid-fifties, although and I had a slight gut,  I was strong, ready, and willing to do anything physical – like hiking, playing tennis or basketball, Latin dancing, and even dancing at the mainstream nightclubs in LA. But I had to admit to myself that I did these activities only when I felt like doing them and not with consistency.  Well,  people routinely told me that I looked much younger than my years–I thought that must count for something! But heart medication? That was for SICK and old people I thought!  Then my doctor hit me with the next blow–“You’re pre-diabetes” he sternly said. WHAT!!!!!???? I thought! Come on! Diabetes happens to obese people! I know it would do me well to lose a few pounds but I could never imagine me getting anywhere near the condition of diabetes!   Having an idea what diabetes was — I pictured having to inject myself with insulin – I honestly didn’t want to know exactly what was “pre-diabetes” was. It was obvious that my doctor was telling me that I was on the road to perdition. And put me on heart medication — UGH! A picture popped in my mind of a man deep into middle age wearing loose-fitting shapeless clothes with a gut protruding over his belt. And the side effects of this medication? Who knew what that could lead to? Probably having to take more meds to counteract its side effects!

Now that my doctor saw me as pre-diabetes, he insisted that I come in even more regularly for blood work to check my triglycerides and good and bad cholesterol. He was pretty adamant actually–I felt that It was a battle of wills almost–like he really wanted me on those heart meds! In my fear, I next thought that after I started using the heart meds that I would need meds to counteract the side effects of those meds and even more meds to counteract the 2nd med’s side effects and so on. Once on meds, I really wouldn’t watch my health and I’d let my slight gut grow to a massive pregnancy-sized gut. But hey, I could always then be prescribed stronger heart meds! If my gut got even larger and I found it hard to walk, I could get an electric mobility scooter–and not to worry, my health insurance would pay for it!

It was thoughts like these of pre-diabetes and heart meds that drove me to finally really being more consistent in my cleansing and living a healthier lifestyle. I must say though, that these changes came in fits and spurts.

Changes in my diet improved my next blood work scores but not enough! I would get that awful warning from my doctor –“I’m going to have to put you on heart medication!” So I decided to pull out all the stops–the next time I would go in to get my blood tested, it would be just after a cleanse! It felt somehow like cheating as my cleansing diet was by necessity more restrictive than my regular diet but I did it anyway.

And bingo! The next few blood tests came in with my all signs healthy – triglyceride count, good and bad cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. After doing this a few times, my doctor actually congratulated me as one of his few patients who really took his advice!

Although at first, I felt like I had done something elicit by cleansing before my blood test, it did show me two things. First, that a cleansing diet is great for your heart. I say diet because I ate during my cleanse–just not animal products, fried foods, alcohol, and coffee–I even cheated a little on the last two! The second thing I learned–again– was that it’s worthwhile modifying your lifestyle–your diet, for example–for health. You don’t have to be a vegetarian (I’ve lost body fat also eating meat but doing so in proper proportions.)

Cleansing will lower triglycerides–the main part of the fat in your body– as well as significantly lowering your cholesterol. Now at first glance, these cleansing results may seem temporary. After all, you may think, I won’t be cleansing every week so can I consistently keep my triglycerides and cholesterol lower? But as you learn the lessons taught while on the cleanse–mostly how to modify your diet to get these lower body fat levels, as well as experiencing that these changes are indeed quite doable–you will for the most part begin to keep them up after your cleanse and make these changes part of your daily diet.

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