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Cleansing Digestion

The Magic of Cleansing


A definition of “magic” that I pulled from the dictionary is, “an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.” The results of my first 7-day fast–eliminating years’ worth of toxic waste in my body while losing my gut was indeed magic.

A Magic Reset Button

If you have a gut, I can tell you that there is a way for –in only 1 week’s time–to lose that you can lose that gut or at least make a noticeable move in that direction and slim down. It’s by doing a colon cleanse. It’s like when you have overloaded your computer to the point — maybe with malware (or  other – check this) too many commands, where everything is just “frozen” and nothing you click on or type on your keyboard will unfreeze it, you press command the computer to restart or press the reset button to reboot.

Then you’re back to normal. A colon cleanse may be looked at as a health reset button. A 7-day cleanse will remove putrid and poisonous waste that has built up over the years, remove your bloat, improve your overall bodily functions, and even give you clearer skin–by cleaning your body from the inside out.

If you’ve had a gut for what feels like a long time– many months or years, you may feel that you are stuck with it at this point. That’s how I felt before my first cleanse. But that first cleanse cleansed my intestines to the point of completely losing my gut. And when I went off the wagon, or for otherwise didn’t take care of myself and got a gut, again I cleansed and snapped back into shape.

Here’s another way to look at it. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was a champion bodybuilder (before he was a politician and actor), he said in his bestselling book, “Arnold’s Bodybuilding for Men” that our bodies are like both a Ferarri and a Chevrolet. That is, if you don’t take very good care of the more simple, low-performance car–the Chevy–it will still run relatively well. But the high-performance car–the Ferrari–requires more care to work at peak performance for which it was designed. It must be kept in fine-tune or it will run poorly. Arnold Schwarzenegger used this analogy to describe the human body in this way–even if we don’t take care of our bodies, they will still operate well enough (like the Chevy) for years or decades before really breaking down. But if we take really good care of our bodies, they have the capability of operating a peak performance (like a Ferrari.) If you have not taken good care of yourself for quite a while, though–you’re overweight, sluggish, you may begin to doubt if you can ever get back to “Ferrari” (or at least some kind of “sports car”) shape. But here’s the best part of Schwarzenegger’s analogy. He mentions that even If you’ve abused your body for years by eating the wrong foods, not exercising, and in general having a toxic body, you can get on the path from having abused Chevy body (still running but not well) to the beginnings of a Ferrari. I have found time and time again, when I let my body go to the point of having a gut and looking and feeling bloated–that I could get into excellent condition–much slimmer waste, improved skin complexion, and lowered bad cholesterol count by colon cleansing.

Your Toolkit to Make Your Cleanses Stay Effective

I did my first colon cleanse in my early 30s. My body was still young enough during most of my 30s that I stayed mostly fit. But by my late 30s and into my 40s, my metabolism slowed. I needed to change my dietary habits but didn’t.  The results would be that sometimes, I would have a noticeable gut and my body would be somewhat bloated. It was during this time that I started to cleanse more consistently. I was continuously amazed that by going on a 7 day cleanse, I would time and time again “reset” my body into having no gut and being clean and slim. Today my diet is so much more healthy and I maintain a fit body. I still cleanse periodically to clean my digestive system and I have the knowledge and confidence that if ever I “go off the wagon” again, or if circumstances make it very difficult to take care of myself properly, that a 7 day cleanse will be my reset button to slimming down.

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