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Cleansing Food

Cleansing Helps You to Please Your Whole Body, Not Just Your Taste Buds


We like to eat so much for the taste of food that it can easily harm our bodies. The shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores are lined with spicy but hard-to-digest chips, all kinds of sweets, and attractively labeled boxed foods that are relatively cheap. These products are usually full of artificial, chemical flavors and preservatives that your body can’t easily digest and eliminate.

Most are not only outright poisonous but cause constipation and toxic buildup in your digestive system and your body’s cells. The makers of these products are keenly aware that they can hook you on their nutritionally bereft offerings through your taste buds. Monosodium glutamate (MSG), for example, is an artificial ingredient used to boost the flavor of prepared foods. Again, not only is your body not built to digest this type of unnatural substance–which can lead to constipation and sepsis, but MSG has proven to have other adverse effects on people in clinical testing. MSG is just one example. Nitrates, aspartame, food colorings, and so many others not only cause constipation but may be stored as fat and can be carcinogenic.

But when you internally cleanse your body, however, by colon, liver, lymph cleansing, etc., you clean your body at a cellular level and leave it in a natural state again. After you cleanse, your body, including your tongue, and will be in a clean and natural state and crave foods that are natural while rejecting what is artificial. What tasted like a flavor treat before your cleanse will taste and feel like the foreign substance that is, and your desire for it will greatly decrease. I used to be a leading brand of flavored tortilla chips. These chips contained not only MSG and artificial food coloring but other additives such as disodium inosinate, and disodium guanylate–both of which are used to yet enhance the effect of the MSG. Food that is natural has flavor. You can add other foods to it like some salt, natural spices, and aromatics–onions garlic, ginger, etc, but there is no need to add such a cocktail of flavor enhancers based on MSG. Despite this, I never could seem to get enough of these chips. They came in a variety of flavors, no less, and with the added flavor boost of the MSG and other chemicals, tempted me even more. Each time I came off a cleanse, I would again eat my favorite chips. But after my tongue and body were cleansed, they would have a chemical taste. That is, instead of them tasting spicy, the artificial ingredients would now taste like the artificial irritants that they were. Of course, I stopped eating those chips many years ago.

An example of someone I knew who personified this idea of putting her body ahead of her taste buds is a woman I know who is a weight loss coach. She usually prepares a raw foods salad for lunch that she would share with me. When she eats, she sometimes pauses to say how good it felt to be eating such a healthy meal. I can see her “yummy”  look that seems to resonate not just in her face but her whole body. So although her salads are quite tasty–full of greens, nuts, herbs and mixed with a tangy dressing, she expresses how good it feels as well as it tastes. And afterward, she feels good–no bloat or sluggishness. In middle age, she is model slim.

Before you cleanse, you may not sense–through your tongue or your body–the indigestible chemical flavors and preservatives that you eat as your body is has been desensitized. After cleansing, again and again, you will naturally, and without effort, decrease looking for artificial flavor thrills and start “listening” to your body and tongue. You will be able to hear them again as they tell you that the artificially flavored items you’ve been eating taste just that way–artificial and with an unnatural taste because they are unnatural. Your body will go from calm and clean to feeling uneasy and a little bloated from eating these items. Little by little, you will look forward to eating healthier meals using natural flavors that will satisfy your body and keep you feeling slim and most importantly–satisfied–after your meal. You will feel naturally “full” and not want to keep eating.  You will develop new habits that will make it easy and enjoyable to eat natural, healthy foods.

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