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The Cleansing Reboot


You’ve probably have tried to lose body fat by dieting and exercise but not lost much of your size.  Or maybe you went through these efforts to see just a little change in your body. Maybe your workouts have been going pretty well and you firming up somewhat but you still have a gut—big or small, but a gut nonetheless. You probably have seen at the gym older men who are quite muscular but at the same time have protruding guts as prominent or more than their musculature.

If this is the case for you, then your gut–which I use interchangeably with your intestines and colon–most likely contains months-or years–worth of undigested food. This undigested food after a short while becomes impacted fecal matter in your colon.  So your gut is most likely full of a year’s worth of fecal matter. It is estimated that the average man or woman carries 5 to 20 undigested pounds of fecal matter in their guts. YIKES! This fecal matter is not only adding size to your gut—making you look a little like a pregnant woman—but at the same time poisoning your body with the toxins this matter contains. That’s right. Your body used the food that you ate for its nutrients and needs to expel the rest. If it doesn’t remove it with a bowel movement, that fecal matter remains in your gut and rots. It poisons us. This poisoning is extremely unhealthy as you can imagine and results in your entire body becoming bloated.

Again, the reason why you may not be able to accomplish the positive effects of exercise without cleansing is that your undigested food remains in your gut! Wow, that hurts! It puts a strain on your back. But think about what all that sepsis—undigested food you see turns to poisonous matter called sepsis. Like a septic tank that some homes have or a nasty cesspool. This sepsis, this cesspool poison is getting into your bloodstream and poisoning every cell in your body. It makes you lethargic, stresses and weakens your heart, negatively affecting your brain function, contributes to causing senility, causes muscle weakness and fatigue, psoriasis, liver spots and wrinkles, pain and stiffness in the joints and contributes to arthritis and cancer.

But a 7 day or longer cleanse can clear up your gut and the resulting bloat in a short time—like rebooting a computer can clear it out and get it running smoothly. This is why I refer to it as magic! What else can do this for you so effectively and quickly when your body has been polluted and swollen for so long that you have a chronic gut and look and feel bad?

The benefits of a cleanse are many! It will help you: (have graphic if possible)

– get rid of your gut

– get slim in general – head to toe

— rid your body from bloat caused by toxins — That’s why when you’re overweight you also look so bloated. This bloat is the result of cellular poisoning.

— remove internal or visceral fat – that’s the fat that’s most dangerous. Visceral fat is also dangerous because it’s unseen. It wraps around your internal organs like the liver, pancreas, and intestines.  Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetesstroke,  and some cancers are linked to visceral fat

–improve your immunity to disease – by keeping your immune system in a constant state of alert, which causes constant inflammation and stress in your immune system and heart.

— spiritual improvement and more peace of mind – as we often unconsciously grab food in reaction to uncomfortable emotions—hence “comfort foods.”  When cleansing, your food intake does not allow junk foods and heavy comfort foods so you invariably get in touch with your emotions better and have an avenue to address yourself more spiritually. Also, when you cleanse, your gut becomes unclogged, which opens up some of your energy centers. This freeing of your energy centers can allow the freeing of blocked emotions.

– experience the pleasure of eating to nourish your body and at the same time – as you begin to experience internal cleansing, you become much more aware of your body. Where before you more so eat just what tastes good—satisfying your tongue’s taste buds. As you cleanse, you become more aware of how your entire body feels. And your body feels much better when fed healthy foods. As your taste buds are part of your body, they change too and you become much less likely to enjoy the junk foods you used to eat.

–look younger – when you cleanse, you often not only lose fat and bloat but improve your skin tone and energy, resulting in you looking younger

–relieve pains from your body – first off, cleansing will greatly improve digestion and remove constipation. A cleanse will free up your liver from fatigue, giving you more energy. By removing the constant inflammation, achy body joints may be relieved.

–increase your sex drive and sexuality- for men, cholesterol building up in the blood to do be overweight can restrict blood flow to the penis, lessening the quality of your erections. For both men and women, the ability to move more freely and more enjoy your body image when fit increases your sexual enjoyment

— get the confidence back that you get as you get in shape and enjoy your body again. What a difference to go from not even wanting to look at your body in a mirror to fit your clothes well. How wonderful to be able to walk up a couple of flights of stairs without being winded, be bend to pick up something easily and swiftly, to feel your blood flow and heart rate increase in a good way as you exercise, dance, or do physical work instead of feeling winded and achy.

And even if you eat healthy foods and exercise regularly, “life happens” and you may from time to time not follow your healthy regimen. What a blessing to know that when this happens, like rebooting a computer, a cleanse can quickly bring you back to health!

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