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Cleansing Digestion

Get Rid of Your Gut With the Magic of Cleansing


Now that you see that all disease begins in the intestines or gut, we’re going to have a closer look at the shape of your gut now. I’ll also use the term “gut” to mean intestines that are full of mucoid plaque and gas — a bloated gut. We’re going to go over the most effective and quickest way to get rid of your gut.

Looking at your gut your big gut you may think that it is like any other part of an out-of-shape body–that it’s fatty. This would be like your thighs or butt for example. But your intestines, or gut, are digestive organs. So your protruding belly isn’t the same as flabby thighs, which are mostly fat covering muscle and bone.  

The gut–I’ll define it as the protruding belly, is only in a very small part, composed of fat. If you have a large gut, you may have tried both aerobic and anaerobic exercise to eliminate it. Of course, this has failed. So many middle-aged men work out with weights and gain back some of the lost muscularity of their younger years–or gain new muscle growth–and do cardio as well, only to find a frustrating lack of results.  I’ve spoken to men like this who have told me about their frustration. “I don’t get it,” one confided in me, “I work out all the time and have lost some weight but can’t get rid of it (their gut.)” I then set out to explain to him that what he has in his gut wasn’t fat that he could burn off as caloric weight through his exercise but years–probably decades–worth of impacting feces and gas. He began to see the picture as I explained it. I don’t know if he did anything about it though, as I only saw him a couple of times afterward. Hopefully, he took some action as I described to him how he could get rid of his gut.

Again, not waiting for a meal to properly digest before eating your next meal, eating artificially (chemically) flavored foods, medication side effects, dehydration (not drinking enough water), stress, not consuming enough fiber, lack of exercise, and other factors all contribute to “fecal impaction.” So If you don’t know yet, your gut is composed of fecal matter that is trapped in your colon! It’s estimated by some sources that the average adult carries around 5-25 pounds of this fecal matter, also known as “mucoid plaque,” in his colon. The midpoint of these amounts is 15 pounds—that’s the weight of a bowling ball! But not only is the average person carrying around the dead weight in his midsection, much of this “mucoid plaque” is composed of harmful bacteria.

Sounds and looks terrible, right? The effects of the fecal matter/mucoid plaque in your gut are that the toxic feces poisons your body systemically. It can be as toxic as any cesspool. To repeat, the negative effects of an impacted, toxic, colon are stressing and weakening your heart, negatively affecting brain function and causing senility, causing muscle weakness and fatigue, causing psoriasis, liver spots, and wrinkles, pain and stiffness in the joints, and contribute to arthritis

In short, having a gut is a symptom of the above-mentioned maladies. You may be thinking now, “then how can I get rid of my gut?” I’ve had guts off and on for years until I got my dietary and exercise routines to where they were healthy enough not to cause this problem. And what most quickly got rid of my gut? – CLEANSING!  Cleansing is that it GETS RID OF YOUR GUT! Yes, I put this in capitals to strongly make this point. Chances are, if you have no gut, you have little or no impacted fecal matter. By cleansing regularly, changing to a healthier diet, and exercising, you keep your colon clean and functioning properly. said, ” “bad digestion is the root of all evil This has proven to me to be the most amazing health regimen.  Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said,  “bad digestion is the root of all evil. Death begins in the colon.” Yes, it’s THAT important. And cleansing is the FASTRACK to colon health! During 7 day cleanse, you don’t intake the poor quality foods that you had for years and even decades and take a high-quality colon cleansing product, and for added results–some form of hydrotherapy, you will literally flush out the impacted fecal matter–the mucoid plaque–that clung to your intestinal wall poisoning you and sticking your abdomen out in the form of a gut. This is why, considering the short, 7-day duration of the cleanse and the dramatic results you can get, I call it ” The magic of cleansing.”

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